Antibacterial Dish Drying Mats for Your Kitchen (Diatomaceous Earth Mats)

Antibacterial Dish Drying Mats for Your Kitchen (Diatomaceous Earth Mats)

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Not unlike your bacteria-covered bath mat, your dish drying mat is totally gross. It's true. Just because your dishes are freshly-washed doesn't mean bacteria isn't lurking. "Even after cleaning, ther

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Plant Style Diatomaceous Earth Mat Coaster Absorbent Drying Mat

Looking for a sustainable and plastic-free bath or kitchen mat? Our diatomaceous mat is completely biodegradable, anti-slip, stylish, and it's quick-dry making it perfect for damp areas. Eliminate synthetic fiber and plastic bathroom mats from polluting our planet with this sustainable swap. These mats are made from diatomaceous clay (sand derived from fossilized algae); a completely renewable and natural resource.

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Stone Dish Drying Mat for Kitchen / Diatomaceous Earth Quick Dry

1.Suitable for small tableware, such as a plate, dish, knife, fork, spoon, cup, glass, bowl, milk bottle, chopstick, etc, keep your kitchen counter

Dish Drying Mats for Kitchen Counter, Diatomaceous Earth Mat, Water-Absorbent Heat-Resistant Non-Slip Diatomite Mat, Draining Mat for Drying Rack

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